Judah’s Journey- Part 1 “Finding Faith”

I have always wanted to be able to tell Judah’s story in it’s entirety but never knew how to take that story on.  I’ve decided now that it is important to just start at the beginning and go forward.  That being said this will not be a short story if I tell it that way so I will break it into sections or “chapters”, this was you can pick and choose the pieces you read or you can read installments (it also will allow me to work on each part separately so I don’t go crazy).

This is part one:                                                                                 Finding Faith

Judah’s story starts before I even knew that I needed him, it starts before he was even born.  It starts with his mother and there are only parts of this story that I know.  The SPCA Montreal Emergency Shelter (Canada) had performed a “seizure” at what was said to be a sled dog operation.  They scooped up a golden retriever, a great dane, around 23 golden/husky mixes, and one small female husky.  (Here is the link to the pictures of the other dogs from this seizure: Husky Golden Seizure )  This tiny female (35 pounds) was tied to a tree just like all the other dogs on site but there was one thing that made her stand out from the others more than her breed or size, she had only three legs.  From what I have been able to gather (from talking to the rescue where I adopted Judah and reading the facebook posts and comments from the SPCA emergency shelter page.  (Though no one from this rescue has answered e-mails and messages about this seizure.)) it was a very recent and messy amputation.  Once the dogs were removed and assessed it was discovered that this little husky girl was pregnant.  Based on her size and an x-ray it was decided there were two puppies.

This little husky was named “Ginny” (a volunteer named her after “Yes, Virginia There is a Santa Clause.”)  and it was determined that she was too far along in her pregnancy to spay her.  They then went forward in finding her a place to go and have her puppies in a safe warm and not a shelter environment.  This is when Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue in Montreal stepped up and took Ginny in.  After only 10 days at Eleven Eleven Ginny went into labor.  The people at the rescue were surprised when after two puppies, Ginny kept working!  To their surprised it wasn’t two puppies, or three puppies- there were six!  This tiny emaciated little mama had successfully kept and nourished six little puppies even in her desperate condition.  All six pups were in good health and Ginny was a champion, taking it all in stride and meeting all her pups needs.

Ginny with her litter (the sixth pup is in between her back legs).

Don’t forget that Ginny, pregnant with six puppies, weighed in at 35 pounds.  Post puppy Ginny’s prefect weight worked out to be around 40 pounds.  This is absolutely amazing to me all in itself, what a determined and loving mama!  These puppies were then nurtured by their mother and the loving hands of those working with Eleven Eleven.  These amazing people understand the human animal bond and also understand that sometimes the best thing a person can do is step back and let them be taught by their own kind.  I find this amazing group of people to be an incredible force, they love and never judge these animals for what they are or where they came from.

Now as this story is unfolding in Canada I had my own story unfolding here in New Hampshire.  I had spent the last year in an on again off again relationship that when it was good was the best thing I had ever had and when it was bad broke my heart into millions of pieces.  I am not an easy one to get a handle on, and I am definitely one to allow myself to be open.  This man had worked very hard for a long time to gain my trust and convince me that it was safe to fall in love with him.  As I saw it, as soon as I gave in and stopped fighting- he ran.  After all the work that he had put in, all the time and patience it took to get me to even consider the possibility of a real relationship, then after all the work it took after that to make me fall in love, how could he just run?  I am not a confident person- at least not when it comes to my self worth, my value as a partner in a relationship.  This man had pushed me to find myself and become a part of this relationship and when he ran I was crushed.  If he couldn’t love me after being willing to do all that work… what was I supposed to do?  After some time had gone by and I hadn’t been able to move on my friends were tired of hearing about it, and tired of watching me fall apart.  I made a decision, I needed motivation.  Not the kind of motivation that took my own initiative but the kind that was bigger than me.  I needed someone to depend on me with no other choice for love and life.  I needed a dog.  I’ve lived with dogs my entire life, even when I was away at boarding school and college dogs lived in my dorms and I was always borrowing them for walks and bonding time.

The search was on, and knowing that I wanted a puppy and a challenge I went online to petfinder.com to find exactly what I wanted.  After weeks of searching and never being totally struck by any dog I was beginning to think perhaps the universe was telling me I wasn’t ready.  Then one day I came across a cluster of pictures of two week old husky puppies.  I knew it!  I’d found them, the exact thing that I needed.  I wanted a high drive breed that would challenge me and force me to work hard and be present, and we all know a husky fits that bill.  I have a lot of experience training dogs and knew that I wanted to work for it this time.  There were six tiny little puppies on this sight, only one of which did not have at least one blue eye.  My favorite characteristic of the Siberian Husky is the amazing blue eyes, that being said there was something strange attracting me to this little brown eyed boy, he looked so different from the rest of his siblings.

This is the picture that made me fall in love!

This is where the work began- now I had to find out if they would adopt to me (in another country), and whether they would consider me a fit home for this little guy.  So the emails began.

After many emails back and forth I was informed that they did in fact do adoptions to the United States and that it would be possible as long as I could convince them that I was prepared and knowledgeable.  After more emails and references,  talk about training methods and beliefs, adoption applications and me moving (the place I was living in at the time had a dog that was not totally dog friendly) I was approved!  There wasn’t a whole lot of time to get him over the border before I would have to wait until after all his vaccines were completed.  Well I certainly didn’t want to wait!  I filed for a passport card, expedited it and paid my adoption fee.  I bought oodles of toys (I was working at an awesome specialty pet supply store at the time) a crate, chews, treats, collars and leashes, and a bed.  I was ready for my little man and we made plans for me to pick him up once my passport came in.  I was on my way to my new motivation- thank goodness!  I was finding my hope, my heart and my faith.

Part 2


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