Job Hunting- What Will They Think About My Service Dog?

I have not had to apply for jobs since beginning to use Judah as a Medical Alert Service Dog.  The first job I had with him was at the family resort that I had grown up working at.  They knew Judah from the time he was a puppy and they have all been on this Diabetes journey with me.  The people that I was working with were the same people that watched me grow up and been active in my life the whole way.  It is a small family owned business and they have watched me grow up and have always been supportive of me and my whole family.

Now, my seasonal employment is over and I could really use a “real” job with a regular schedule and health insurance.  I am desperate for health insurance.  I lost my health insurance less than two months after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, at the time of diagnosis I was a size 1 pant (I am normally a 10 or 12) and my A1c was 15 (it should be around 6, the chart in the doctors office doesn’t go above 12), so I was a long way from healthy or controlling my disease.  With out health insurance I am not able to take care of myself the way I should.

I don’t go to the dentist (I have serious dental issues), eye doctor (should go twice a year), and can’t afford to by the testing supplies in the amount I really need.  I do get most of my supplies of the internet because that is the only way to keep any “in stock”.  Marshall is very good about making sure that I don’t run out of test strips (test strips save lives!), and I am lucky enough that the diabetes center that I go to gives me my insulin, bless them.  Without this donation (and the donations of people giving their extra insulin), and samples from pharmaceutical companies I would probably be in and out of the hospital constantly, or worse.  I hope to get a job soon that will allow me to get health insurance and to allow other people to be able to experience the help and generosity that I have.

I have an interview coming up for a retail position (not my dream job but it’s better than nothing) and I have to admit that I am nervous.  They reacted well enough to Judah when we went in to pick up my application but who knows how they will feel when they have to consider him being their with me daily.  I also have concerns about how Judah will do in that setting, not that I think he would act out, but it is a new setting and there could be a learning curve.  That being said I am hoping that everything will go smoothly.  I know that I can’t be discriminated against because of my dog but they don’t have to hire me either.

I live in New Hampshire, this is a hire and fire at will state.  So they don’t have to have a “valid reason” for firing a person.  This also means that they don’t have to hire me either, though it would look good for an equal opportunity employer.  I also am unsure of how to work in the retail setting with a service dog in tow.  It would certainly be a new challenge for us to learn to move around a retail store as an employee and not a customer.  I am honestly a little terrified, but I guess all I can do is wait and see what happens.  I have been looking for jobs for months now and this is the first place to actually call me back, that’s something.

I hope that everything goes well and that the interview is a success.  Selling sports gear isn’t exactly how I wanted to get back into the work force but I know that we need the income and honestly I am not cut out for being unemployed.  I get so bored and it causes me to become pretty lazy, this is not typical of me at all.  Never mind the fact that living out in the middle of nowhere and being unemployed means that I end up like a poorly socialized dog (he he).  I get super excited when I finally get a chance to socialize and tend to be a little more exuberant than my friends are prepared for.

So I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Judah is on his best behavior and puts his best paw forward so that we can make a good impression.  I’ll keep you all posted!  Thanks for reading!


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