Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have had a hell of a year and while I may not have been nice all the time I did my very best to be my very best self.  Did I say I have had a hell of a year yet?  I have worked hard to stay afloat and it hasn’t been easy so as a reward for not giving up I think I should get some things that are on my Christmas list.  Which goes as follows:

A blood ketone meter- please, please, please… I really think it would help me have better diabetes control- and therefore a better attitude 🙂

Ketone test strips- need I explain?

Blood glucose test strips for any of the following meters:

One Touch Verio IQ (I really like this one but the strips are expensive)

Freestyle Freedom Lite (this is the one I use all the time)

One Touch Ultra (Not as much a fan of this one but test strips are test strips)

A new service dog vest for Judah- I think I’d like to try one that is set up for a pack or saddle bags

Another new service dog vest for Judah- A mesh cape style one for hot whether, he is a husky after all…

Some money- so I can help Marshall pay off the gun that he had custom built for him and hasn’t been able to pick up because he is too busy spending his money taking care of me…  I feel pretty awful about it

A car- well I feel like this is self explanatory but, with a car I would be far more likely to find a job and with a job well, I’m on track!

Health Insurance-need I explain?

This last thing is more of a wish but Santa- we’ve earned it!

Please Santa,

Help us save enough money, help make sure that we finally catch a break, help us get a house so we can finally start our life together instead of struggling everyday to get by.  It’s been too long since we had a chance to stop and enjoy each other.  We were put through too much, too soon in our young relationship and against all odds we’ve made it this far.  Haven’t we earned a chance at something better?  So please Santa, spread some cheer to us this Christmas and help us start next year with forward motion, on the path to success and happiness.  I promise to be better and stronger next year- please help me get there, help me give Marshall the me he deserves and the me he’s been trying to get back.  You know where to find me (Marshall is here too!).

I promise milk and cookies…

Thank you,



4 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. I just know it’s going to turn around!
    P.S. I got my blood ketone meter free from my endo team and they also give me free strips for it if they have any. I ask for them every visit.

    • I hope it turns around!

      I get all my insulin for free from donations at my doc’s office… I guess maybe I feel bad asking for anything else…? I applied for a free one online so fingers crossed! (I am uninsured AND unemployed, they have to help me out a little right? haha)

      I saw my mom carrying a copy of my “Dear Santa” post so perhaps she can mediate between me and the jolly man 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Not sure if these would suffice, but I use them instead of the kind for blood. Would be time-delayed.
    This one is just for ketones:

    This one has more:

    Lots of other info too, like whether you have a urinary tract infection (leukocytes), how hydrated you are (specific gravity), if you are too acidic (pH), how your liver and kidneys are doing (all the uro-bilogen, bilirubin, protein and whatever stuff), if you are spilling glucose, hence have been over 180 mg/dl since you last peed…. Back in the day that was the only info we got – whether or not there was sugar in our pee. From that we were s’posed to steer the ship. No wonder I was on the rocks so much! Happy (and lucky) to be alive 🙂

    Do you use a pen or syringes? Can share a few strips, btw. Where to send them?

    • Thank you for the links and the info! I just got a couple weeks worth of strips, so I should be alright, we are starting to get back on track so hopefully I’ll be able to get back on a schedule of ordering.

      I use syringes now, at first I was using the insulin pens but all the samples I’ve been given are vials so… Syringes it is!

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