Happy New Year

Well it’s a new year!  Hopefully I will take this time to get back on track.  I haven’t been eating as I should and have conveniently used the holidays as my excuse.  I haven’t been keeping records, basically at all- not really advisable.  I am pretty sure that all my insulin requirements have begun to change recently and I have totally failed to keep track enough to actually get my ratios worked out again.  I have been slacking on my training sessions with Judah as well, he still does his job, but in a nonchalant “oh by the way” fashion.  His alerts are less definite, almost suggestive lately.  Not the certain, multistage alerts that we had worked out so that these things would be clear.  Certainly, Judah is not the one to blame.  It is me in my laziness and a bit of a depressed mood lately.  The short days and the cold have helped to increase my hermit like behavior to a sickening state, I admit it.

Lately I’ve been struggling to stay positive, about anything.  I am critical of everything and have been feeling a little hopeless.  Stress is obviously a major factor in control of my diabetes and I have enough to ruin the blood sugar of a person with a fully functioning pancreas.  So, I am going to take this opportunity to try and jump start a change.  I hope to go back to logging my sugars appropriately and doing a food log at least 2-3 a week.  I need to get back on a good diet and start a regular and reliable exercise program.  Walking the dogs just isn’t cutting it, I mean I have great legs but that’s never been my problem ;).  Time to tone and tighten.  Time to get up and get out.  

It is very easy to have this conviction when I am sitting cozy with the laptop and a cup of coffee, but I am really hoping that I can actually get back on track.  It is clear to me that my feelings are changing the air around me and it is time to stop letting it happen.  This may mean that I reduce what little time out I get to avoid situations (I’ll be honest, people) that don’t help to lift my spirits.  The truth is in most cases doing things with my dogs is the way to give me a boost, so I will try to get back to it.  I have been struggling with pain in my foot (short version, I had reconstructive surgery when I was 13and am in desperate need of some GREAT foot beds.  Hopefully I can work all that out…  

These are my “resolutions” of sorts, though I hesitate to call them that because don’t we always forget to keep out resolutions?  I don’t really have that option, I have to keep mine, for my health and sanity!


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