Late night… not late enough…

It is going to be another late night…  we headed to a friends house to watch a movie tonight, Marshall and I as well as all three dogs.  To be honest we pretty much always have all three dogs with us, I think our friends are used to it now.  Two hours into this unidentified 2 hour 45 minute (bootlegged) movie Marshall decided to move across the room because, “That wood stove is getting to me”.  After several minutes later I noticed that he seemed pale.  I took note and waited a bit longer to see if he came around or if he was actually sick and not just hot.  Well I should have gone with my instincts, by the time I did another visual check-in he was ghost white- everywhere.  Even his ears and hands were white.  When I asked him how he was feeling all he could muster for me was, “Not good.”

That’s not good.  Marshall doesn’t really ever broadcast when he isn’t feeling well, and he rarely looks sick.  Then I knew he didn’t feel well because he stopped trying to look alright, sound alright, or be alright.  He then, strangely told me to let him know when I was ready to go and we would leave, but that I should finish watching the movie.  Seriously?!  He can be so strange when he is sick.  He apologizes a lot, reverts back to child like levels of communication and helplessness.  Honestly, I find it strangely adorable.  I am a rescuer, I love nursing and healing people and things.  So… I confirmed that he wouldn’t be driving home, gathered up the dogs and the sick Marshall, and we all made our not so graceful exit.  Upon arriving home I left Marshall and Jordan (Marshall’s yellow lab, the perfect medicine for everything) in the car.  I fumbled with the puppy and a few odds and ends to the front door.  I made it inside, spoke briefly to my dad, got the bed made and cozy for Marshall and then headed out to gather him up from the car.

He looked terrible.  Seriously terrible.   No color and virtually no communication skills.  Mumbles and groans was pretty much the level we were at upon coming into the house.  After I tucked him in and fed the dogs I brought him some provisions in the form of water, one room temperature bottle and one frozen bottle.  I don’t think he drank either.  Even after prompting, he just groaned and would hold onto the bottle but not drink.  After laying down for a while he gained back some color, well in his extremities and ears at least.  I asked if he wanted total silence or some background noise, he took the option for background noise with the request that it be ‘adult swim’ on cartoon network.  I surfed on the computer for a short time, listening to Marshall snore and grumble under the blankets.

Now during this entire post I am not sure if you have noticed but I have not mentioned my blood sugar at all.  That’s because I had checked it before all this started and it was 100.  I had been so crazy keeping everyone segregated from sick Marshall I had made sure that the dogs sat quietly in the back, no fidgeting (or alerting)- when we got home they stayed downstairs (except Jordan) and until I finally slowed down enough to realize that Judah had been stalking me around it never even crossed my mind.  This is not good.  It makes me a little nervous that after all this time it isn’t ingrained in me to test and pay attention to the dog!  Blood sugar 230, oops… again.  And to add another “oops” (sure why not just pile them all together right?) I didn’t succeed in staying up and checking again until it came down so… this morning I got to enjoy a glucose of 250, wicked cool…

I really need to get better at this… ugh…


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