Listen to the Dog!

I have been running high lately, pretty regularly.  As discussed in my previous post it is time to adjust my insulin doses and I admit I’ve been slacking.  Needless to say Judah has been working hard to try and keep me in range, or at least without extremes.  His skills are improving when it comes to “predicting” (really he smells the changes) quick spikes or crashes and that has been useful with the current status of my diabetes.  The other night Marshall and I got home late and made dinner.  While cooking we put the boys (our 3 dogs and my parents’ dog) behind the gate, blocking them out of the kitchen.  Once we were finished cooking we filled our plates and went into the den to watch TV with my Dad.  Of course as soon as I sat down I had 3 of the 4 fuzzy faces vying for a spot in front of my plate.  I was tired, hungry and cranky- so I sassed the dogs and told them to leave me alone, several times, which ended in my raising my voice and telling everyone to go lay down (I don’t like yelling at my dogs, but I’ll be honest I was out of patience… a clue perhaps?)

I had checked my glucose before eating it was barely high so I gave insulin with only 1 unit of correction.  Before I had even finished eating Judah was back, hovering.  I again sent him to go lay down and continued eating my dinner.  Next thing I know he is sitting on the hassock across the room staring at me.  When I looked up at him he waved one paw in the air.  I laughed but didn’t react.  He then pivoted on the foot stool and began to wave his foot at Marshall and my Dad.  I looked over at Marshall and asked, “Did you see that?”

“Yeah, maybe you should check?”

I did just that and low and behold, 190 mg/dl.  My guess is that he had been trying to alert since we had climbed in the car to head home.  He kept trying to stand on the center console and sort of be in the front with us and we kept sending him back.  When I locked him behind the gate he didn’t go play with the other boys like he usually does, he laid right against the gate and waited, I assumed it was because we were making food- now I suspect I was wrong.  Every alert Judah gives isn’t blog post worthy but sometimes he just amazes me.  He knew that I didn’t want him in my space and his solution to that was to alert the air between us :).  I mean really, how can you beat that?

A couple days later I was in the kitchen again, baking bread (I am just learning to make breads) with the dogs again locked behind the gate.  I had still been running high, in fact hadn’t had a low in a long time.  I was in there blissfully baking, covered in flour and singing my heart out (I love Pandora radio) when Judah began to fuss at the gate.  It started by him pawing at it (typical when he isn’t enjoying being stuck behind it), then quickly escalated to becoming a little vocal.  I had the suspicion that he was about to alert me to an even higher glucose, I opened the gate and he frantically circled me, jumped up and then went back into the living room towards the den (where my kit was).  I grabbed the camera (finally thought of it!) and headed to the den.  I checked my sugar (65 mg/dl) and was low!  Then I turned on the camera.  (Sorry that it is a facebook link, I don’t know how to put things on youtube yet, Marshall said he will teach me)

It’s not my finest video work, I admit, but at least I (sort of) captured a real time alert!  It would look a heck of a lot better videoed by a third party too… I’ll work on it! 😉


6 thoughts on “Listen to the Dog!

    • 🙂 When I was away at boarding school and people would ask me where I was from they would always laugh and say, “But really, where are you from?” We have lived here since I was about a year old, and to be honest in a perfect world I think this is where Marshall and I would buy our first house.

      At least it’s on maps now. When I was in elementary school we had to do this project using a map and our town… well the Effingham kids had to use the next closest town because we weren’t on the map!

    • It’s so cool that you guys go to Jackson (love it up there)! What a small world! I love this area and as much as I complain about being in the middle of nowhere I really couldn’t live anywhere more populated…

  1. What an amazing animal!! I thought about you watching 60 minutes last night. They were interviewing Supreme Court Justice Sonya may-something. Ok I don’t know her name but she also has type 1 diabetes.

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