The Husky and the Hound

This morning wasn’t my best, I am feeling quit ill (perhaps impending flu?) but at least was greeted by a great fasting blood sugar this morning or 83 mg/dl!  Hooray!  I stumbled down stairs at just before six to tell Marshall something we had both totally forgotten, today is our ‘anniversary’.  I write it like that because well, it’s a long story that involves a snow storm that left me stranded at his house for three days which turned into the beginning of the only good relationship I have ever had.  I told him, “Happy Anniversary” and waited for the confused response from the man behind the curtain (he was in the shower).  “Is it the eleventh?” Seriously, I never expected him to remember the date… in all fairness I only remember because this is several of our friends’ birthdays.  After he got ready for work I made a cup of coffee and some breakfast, I won’t tell you what it was but I will tell you that I officially ruined my fantastic glucose start to the day and now I am trying to get it back down…

I got caught up in the kitchen talking to my mother about an assortment of things but really what kept me distracted was the conversation about my grandfather’s impending open heart surgery.  I have to be honest, they moved to Arizona almost two years ago and not a single day goes by that I don’t go through a whole range of emotions about it.  I am very close to my grandparents and it broke my heart when they moved.  I just never pictured it like this, but that’s another story for another post…

When I finally made m way back into the bedroom upstairs I was greeted by what any diabetic would call a grizzly sight.  Test strips… everywhere!  Holy Shit.  The next immediate thing to deal with was the disagreement going on between Judah and Goose (our six month old plott hound mix).  Judah is a submissive type dog a rarely guards anything, including his food and toys so a scuffle over something is really never an issue.  Well in my sick haze I didn’t put the puppy in his crate before I went downstairs.  Not something I would recommend…  Turns out the scuffle was over Judah trying to reclaim something that he felt passionately about- my test kit.  Oh god…

Do you see what is stuck in his goofy lips?!

Well Goose had made quick work of it and there were test strips around him on the dog bed to prove it. I was relieved when I flipped it open and my vial of strips was still intact (he has stolen a brand new one before) and no needles were missing.  My meter was still fine (save a couple tooth marks, those are actually from when Judah was learning to bring me my kit) and the test strips everywhere were used ones, phew!  When I removed the kit from the equation both boys calmed down and Judah sat next to me on the bed inspecting it and licking my hand.  He was clearly telling me he had done everything he could to protect one of my most precious possessions ;).  When I calmed down I looked over at Goose laying on his bed and man did he look irrefutably guilty…  (If you notice the brown spot on the wall behind his head, that is also his handy work, he has a taste for paint, anyone need some paint scraped?)


After he spit out the test strip from the first picture the one you can see in this picture made itself known by sliding out of his mouth and also getting stuck in his lips. I ended up taking two more out of his mouth by the time it was all said and done, I am assuming he actually got a couple down the tube also.

Judah was so bothered by the whole thing that as I removed each test strip from the Goose’s mouth he would sniff it and then give a little huff and lick my arm.  At least he didn’t eat needles, (which Judah has done before, more than once) that is scary.  Being a hound, Goose presents a very different set of challenges than Judah.  I considered Judah a challenge and he was, he is a high energy, high drive guy.  Goose however, is not very high energy but he is a stubborn bastard!  Typical of a hound, he will hear what you say and do the opposite.  “Oh, your calling me?”  Then he wags his tail and goes the other way.  He was very difficult  to potty train as well.  He knew he was supposed to go outside but couldn’t understand that he had to tell us he had to go outside, so we introduced the bell.  I used a bell to train Judah to go out and then stopped using it once it was no longer an issue, finally I got everyone on board with bell training Goose and he eventually got the picture.  Judah was potty trained in two days, Goose took almost three months.  I knew a hound was going to be a knew kind of challenge and expected the stubborn behavior but he also is perfectly satisfied to not please you.  Sure he loves getting love and playing and he isn’t difficult to teach tricks to or a new way of doing things.  Unlike Judah and Jordan, Goose is just as satisfied to make you work to get what you want from him, while the other boys want to work to give you what is being asked of them.

Upon further inspection of my kit the zipper fell off and it is obvious that I have some shopping to do.  It is a little exciting honestly, I have been using the novo nordisk kit I got when I was admitted to the hospital for my original diagnosis.  It is really meant to hold insulin pens but I have managed to keep my vials, syringes, lancing device, kit, and meter in it.  There is no room for a cooling pack but I actually have a shoulder bag made by thermos that is an insulated cooler, like this one, and it’s inconspicuous too!  Anyone have any awesome recommendations on a smallish, preferably soft (Judah really doesn’t like to pick up hard stuff, my sensitive guy) carrying bag for all my diabetes paraphernalia?  I like keeping it all in one container though (picky I know)…  Maybe I should just use a makeup bag?  I like the compartments of the real carrying cases though… oh the decisions!

yeah... the dark areas around the edges are dog slime...

yeah… the dark areas around the edges are dog slime…


                                                                  This is Goose's handy work... oh Hound...                                                             This is Goose’s handy work… oh Hound…


2 thoughts on “The Husky and the Hound

  1. I love those little huffs.
    Will you be finding test strips in Goose’s poop? You must be in such suspense.

    You’re going to have fun bag shopping. If I had to do it, I think I’d get one of those BYO scuba-suit material lunch bags.

    • I admit, I am a little too excited about shopping for a new bag. I hadn’t needed one, so really couldn’t justify the expense. But now, my ‘kit’ is being held closed with a hair tie so it’s time- I don’t even have to make up an excuse.

      I’m not sure if he did swallow any… I assume probably so… He is eating and ‘going’ normally so I’m gonna go with that as a good sign and remind myself he as eaten much scarier things than that! 🙂 (a large amount of tin foil, cooked chicken bones (x2 STILL not sure if Marshall has learned his lesson), as well as an entire glucose meter booklet)

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