A Perfect Day! (Almost)

Could it be?  Did I really keep my glucose in check all day?  It seems as though yesterday was like a dream… GREAT sugars all day, could it be that I have found the key to all my sugar problems?  (I am perfectly aware that the real answer to this is, “No”.  But why not ride the high?)  I have recently tried to renew my commitment to my diabetes.  In a previous post I stated that I would begin to keep a better journal and recommit to establishing dosage equations etc.  I finally found a tool that will help me with that (or take away all my excuses for not doing it), sugarstats.com.  It is a free program that allows you to enter your glucose readings including time, circumstance and a space for notes (which I use to document Judah’s alerts).  It also has an area for medications (but I keep this information in the notes section of my glucose readings, it’s just simpler for me right now I hope to start using that part once I have gotten used to the glucose part) that logs time and whatnot.  The program then graphs your readings, categorizes them (based on time of day and where they are in your range), helps to point out patterns, and also lists them.

Here is the graph of my perfect day (blue line) and the previous day (green line).

Here is the graph of my perfect day (blue line) and the previous day (green line).

So not only do I have a neat and organized record of my glucose readings but I also have a graph (similar to what someone with a CGM would get).  I know to a non-diabetic this may seem rather novel, but anyone who has dealt with this disease over time the value of physically seeing the fluctuations is immeasurable.  Seeing that line with fixed points has given me an actual representation of what is going on within my body.  I have also always wanted to keep better track of Judah’s alerts and behaviors and this program has given me the ability to document those things accurately.

Also included in this program are areas to record HbA1c, doctor’s appointments, journal entries, and even offers a discussion forum for PWDs to reach out to each other.  It’s a pretty snazzy program and I can’t wait to become more efficient using it.  Now that I have a physical representation of those glucose readings it makes it much easier to see I that it isn’t always random.  It also makes me more motivated to try and make that graph as ‘pretty’ as possible (with the straightest line of course).  I am excited again!  Woohoo!

Now back to yesterday, my almost perfect day!  I managed to have possibly the best day I have within the last year.  Here is how my day went;

5:45AM- 126 mg/dl

7:43AM-133 mg/dl-> 2 units (for a consistent morning spike, this is my new technique and has proven successful)

9:55AM-116 mg/dl-> 1/2 3 egg Omelet w/ Mushroom, onion & broccoli-> no insulin

11:45AM-129 mg/dl

12:42PM-128 mg/dl

1:29PM-110 mg/dl->other 1/2 omelet-> no insulin

2:13PM-101 mg/dl

3:10PM-104 mg/dl

4:19-98 mg/dl

4:56PM-108 mg/dl->52 g carb (ramon noodles)->6 units insulin

7:00PM-140 mg/dl->had approx. 20g carb snack (yummy, all natural 60% organic Kettle Chip ‘Doritos’)

8:42PM-111 mg/dl

9:10PM->35g. carb ‘snack’->3 units

9:35PM-25 units Lantus

10:40PM-236 mg/dl->3 unit correction (thinking I didn’t calculate carb correctly on snack)

So until the bad decision to have a late night snack I was right on ALL day!  This is the first time in ages that Judah hasn’t alerted at all in a day, I am certain that he appreciated the break.  If he doesn’t appreciate the break than he definitely appreciates the better mood I am in when my glucose is good.

At this point I feel that it is obvious that I am totally in love with this nifty program.  I can’t wait to see how this new journaling method impacts my control.


4 thoughts on “A Perfect Day! (Almost)

  1. Yaaaayyyy!!! I’m so happy for you!! Isn’t it an amaing feeling after you struggle so much?!? I had a couple days that were within target range as well last week. It made me feel so proud! So congratulations!! That’s so awesome!

    • Thank you! To people who don’t deal with this all the time it seems so meaningless. They can’t understand what a feat the is! Often when I talk about having a good day people think that it doesn’t happen often because I don’t try hard enough… ugh. I was a pretty great feeling and that silly program has made me excited to test my blood sugar, I don’t think I have ever been excited about pricking my finger and bleeding 🙂

  2. Yeah I use an app on my phone called OnTrack and it’s helped immensely too. I just had my appointment with my specialist yesterday,.and my a1c came down almost 2%!! It was exciting! I hope you have continued success! You seem to be less reactive to carbs than me. I’m about a 1:5 ratio. If I eat ANY carbs, it seems like I skyrocket. :/

    • Generally I operate around 1:10, but certain things send me into orbit (white bread is a big one). I am learning to have better timing with my insulin so I don’t spike so high after eating also. Just keep calculating and taking notes…

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