I Didn’t Make Myself Diabetic!

I am a confessed documentary addict.  I crave the smooth flow of information, particularly from the independent type documentaries that are out there and accessible these days.  I have been on a kick recently watching them on Netflix through their live streaming feature.  It started with shark documentaries with a few dog and history themed ones thrown in for flavor.  Then I got a little swept up with food and farming documentaries and this is where I am right now.  I have always been interested in farming and am hoping (rather desperately) that when Marshall finds a property to purchase it will have enough room for me to farm.  I don’t have a whole lot of experience with crops but I am willing to work for it and I am hoping to operate as a sustainable farm someday.  I have been watching documentaries about sustainable farming and reading articles uncontrollably learning about food and farms etc.

A friend of mine recommended that I watch “Forks Over Knives”, a documentary about the health benefits of a vegan type diet and how diet directly effects the development of cancers, allergies, heart disease, and a slew of other illnesses including diabetes.  Now, anytime I hear the D word I listen more carefully, curious as to what is being said and what kind of information is being passed on.  I found myself getting annoyed at the way they were talking about diabetes in this documentary.  In all fairness, the focus of this documentary is to put the benefits of a vegetable based diet on long and short term health in the for front of people’s minds.  There is even a clip of Michele Obama (I will hold all my political snarky comments to myself.  I will however say this; I voted for Ron Paul, I say that loud and proud- and no, I am not a lunatic activist. 🙂 Do your research, you’ll love him too.) giving a speech about the importance of healthy food where she calls diabetes one of the preventable, diet related diseases plaguing this country.  There is no mention of type of diabetes until an hour and five minutes into the documentary, but no explanation of the difference.  I understand this is not the point of this documentary but it certainly irks me.

I find that I am constantly confronted by people that do not know there is any difference between the two types of diabetes or that type 1 is the result of poorly managed type 2.  They feel the need to stigmatize me because of my disease, and then think it is acceptable to assume that I use a Diabetic Alert Dog because I don’t do what I need to to take care of myself.  RRRrrr….  It is clearly a lack of education that leads to this confusion and stigma, and it is just continuing to get worse as people can spread their opinion with no actual information easier than ever.  I have read articles about DADs (Diabetic Alert Dogs) being discriminated against or even just fundraising advertising and people are so bold when sitting behind a computer.  They say that if parents had taken better care of their kids, been more active etc. etc. then they wouldn’t have diabetes.  They say that using a DAD is giving kids (and adults) the option of not taking care of themselves (NOT TRUE, see older post with explaination if you need one) and that people who use this kind of Service Dog feel entitled and it really has nothing to do with a disability.  (WHAT?!)  I will say this, I would gladly have Judah go back to being left in the car at stores and not coming to concerts with me if that means I get to go back to not having diabetes too.

Now that all this venting is done with, I enjoyed this documentary and it does a great job providing studies and information to support the idea of a plant based diet. 🙂  (I am not a vegetarian, never mind vegan- but clearly it is extremely beneficial to human health.  I have already started to have more vegetarian meals and to study the best ways to raise food, both plant and animal based.)  Educate yourselves- about as much as you can.  Now that I am satisfied with my little rant, I am going to watch another documentary while baking some bread for Marshall (hopefully, I’m not a proficient bread baker. Cupcakes, I can seriously make cupcakes)


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