Perfect Timing

So I wrote a post yesterday about the emotional stress that comes with diabetes and as if the universe thought perhaps I needed a for instance- bang, there it was.  Right now I am sick not really the flu, at least I don’t think so.  Some kind of head cold, which could easily turn into a chest cold at this rate but I am going on the hydrate, hydrate, hydrate theory and I am still alive so… go me!  Anyway, I feel gross and tired all the time so I have been sleeping a lot.  Usually I bring a phone into the bedroom with me so that when Marshall calls I don’t  have to trip over dogs and fall down the stairs to try and get to the phone.  Yesterday I ended up falling asleep before I expected and didn’t bring the phone upstairs.

Generally I am a very light sleeper and wake up whenever the phone rings, yesterday not so much.  I woke up at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, made my way downstairs and just as I reached the kitchen the phone began to ring.  I answered say Marshall’s name on the caller ID and answer, “Hey Baby.”

“Um, Hi.”  The inflection in his voice made it pretty clear he was upset about something.

“What’s up?”

“Emilie, I’ve been calling the house for two hours.  I’ve left messages, I’m getting in the truck to leave work right now because I thought something happened!”

“Oh my god. Marshall I am so sorry.  I just woke up, I didn’t hear the phone.  Really, I’m okay.  The phone usually wakes me up, I guess I really needed the sleep.”

“Emilie, I don’t think you understand how scared I was.  You are at home, alone, with no test strips.  You weren’t answering the phone and I thought you were on the floor dying or something.  I was on my way to come home and I don’t even know what, save you.”

Well needless to say I felt awful.  He was right, I was out of test strips (has 1 left I was saving it for an emergency) and wasn’t sure if the new ones would come in the mail (they did) or not.  So for all he knew something terrible had happened.  I don’t even walk the dogs without calling Marshall to let him know that I am going and about when I should be back (I don’t have a cell phone).  So I can’t imagine the panic he went through  trying to figure out why I wasn’t answering the phone for two hours.

When he came home that night I apologized again and told him that if that ever happened he should try calling my sister, she is home a lot (when not carting kids around) and lives very close by, she could check on me.  His response was, “I wasn’t really thinking about that I was thinking about which hospital I was going to bring you to!”

Poor Marshall…


One thought on “Perfect Timing

  1. First, thanks for sharing this! I’ve not had the privilege of reading your blog before and just came across your blog thanks to Best Betes Blogs for Feb – so it’s great to “meet” you finally and here’s a belated welcome to the DOC (even though I’m about five months late)! Anyhow, powerful post. I’ve been in those same situations myself before, where my wife calls and freaks out because she can’t reach me… and there’s nothing wrong, I just failed to answer the phone. Even more guilt-inducing is when I’m awake and the phone is just in another room and she can’t reach me…. Sometimes we just don’t see the impact our D-Lives have on those we care about, and it’s a never-ending cycle of worry for them.

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