Back and Better

We are back! We are great! We are loving life!
It has been far too long since I have been on here sharing our adventures. As always, things have been busy and exciting, hard and exhausting, fun and surprising. We worked on a horse farm and it was glorious.

I am not always excited to get up in the morning and head to work but when it is for a building full of furry, snorting, poo factories I am SO there. It was a great job, laid back, low pressure with someone who knows and LOVES Judah. Judah loves being a farm dog, truly, madly, deeply loves it.


This is Judah 'helping' with sawdust.

So that’s what we did, we were barn brats… And it was glorious!
     We did that until February when the farm changed hands. It was the perfect thing for us to do, the perfect place for us to get back to ourselves again. I was able to bring my nephews to the farm to ride (and help do farm chores, duh).


The boys of course loved it. Marshall even started riding! I was able to get back to riding as well and you want to talk about healing… THE BEST.
     While I was disappointed when it wrapped up I took more than just a happier husky away from that job. I was back to my bliss, I remembered how happy felt. It gave me motivation to get the rest of my life back to that place. The bright shiny place.
     And really what matters is that Judah and I are back!


Get ready for more stories, adventures, lessons, friends and finally PICTURES! (That’s right, I finally have the ability to regularly take photographs, yay! Now everyone can bask in the cuteness that are my creatures).